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'Manetu' is the Lenape Indian word for 'spirit being'. We chose it for the name of our company to highlight the sacred right of individual identity. Manetu is dedicated to safeguarding that sacred right in the virtual world.

Why Manetu?

Our mission is to provide your brand with the critical infrastructure you need to establish and maintain a transparent and trusting relationship with your customer; one which fully respects their data rights.

The commercial potential of the Internet is ever-expanding. But increasing digital automation, emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things, and long-overdue regulatory oversight make doing business on the 'net more difficult than ever. Maintaining a viable presence in this emerging virtual world requires a scrupulous regard for your customers’ privacy.

By creating a highly secure infrastructure that puts customers in charge of their personal information, Manetu CPMSM manages their digital identities so you can safely leverage the nearly limitless opportunities available in this virtual marketplace.

Know Your Customer

You need the assurance a customer is who they say they are. Manetu CPMSM uses state-of-the-art cryptographic, biometric, and machine learning mechanisms to establish and authenticate your customers’ identities.

Painless Consumer Control

Control of their private data belongs with your customers. With Manetu CPMSM’s customer-centered infrastructure they choose what to share and for how long. Just as importantly, exercising control is simple and secure so there’s minimal ‘friction’ when they need to use these vital functions.

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