What is CPMSM?

Manetu CPMSM is the platform for collaborating with your customers to manage all their sensitive data. CPMSM lets your customers determine what data they will share with you and for how long. This data can be shared at a very granular level and with varying levels of access thereby assuring your customers that their data is protected.

Manetu CPMSM is the enterprise infrastructure you need to securely access, classify, and monitor your customers' data; one that facilitates regulatory compliance.

Your Customers' data is integral to your business

Nearly every interaction with your customer involves sharing something potentially sensitive: a password, an address, a credit card number.

But The Risks are Huge

Cyber attacks and data breaches are almost daily reminders of the risks associated with acquiring and holding sensitive data.

Increased regulation around the globe and the associated requirements for compliance add substantial costs and exposes your business to the risk of very expensive sanctions.

A Better Way to Share Trust

To remain competitive in this new environment you need a way to put customers in charge while still retaining the access to the data you need to provide the best possible service to those customers.

That way is Manetu CPMSM

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