Safeguard the Data your customers entrust to you.

Your customers trust you with important and often highly sensitive data including personally identifiable information.

Safeguard their information in a whole new way with the world’s first Consumer Privacy Management (CPMSM) platform. The Manetu CPMSM platform is the infrastructure for the end-to-end management of the private information you require in order to provide the best service to your customers.


Your company's ability to transact business on the Internet is increasingly dependent on being able to protect sensitive customer information. Your customers deserve that protection. Regulators demand it. We're building the platform to make it happen.


Manetu CPMSM is truly unique because your customers maintain absolute control over their data. They determine what is shared and when in a way that’s simple and secure. At the same time you have the tools you need to access, classify, and monitor the data they’ve entrusted to you in a way that preserves their privacy while facilitating regulatory compliance.


We're a team of experienced and highly motivated software developers with deep understanding of the technologies required to build and maintain secure web-based enterprise platforms.


81% - Trust in brands is an important part of purchasing behavior


33% - Trust the brands from which they buy


70% - Recognize their data privacy systems & policies will not scale

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